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Bitcoin reached its highest point in a year and a half, hitting $37,000.

  • Sources from Fox Business indicate that BlackRock is growing more optimistic about the SEC approving its Bitcoin ETF by January.
  • The Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong is exploring the potential introduction of a Bitcoin spot ETF.
  • Fidelity, a massive asset manager with $4.5 trillion in assets, has released a report titled “Revisiting Persistent Bitcoin Criticisms,” debunking key criticisms or FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).
  • The WisdomTree Enhanced Commodity Strategy Fund is set to allocate up to 5% of its net assets to Bitcoin futures contracts.
  • Tether has just achieved a significant milestone, with $86 billion in USDt issued. The company is generating yield by securing it with short-term US Treasuries, with a portion of it ultimately being used to accumulate Bitcoin.

More than 700,000 new bitcoin addresses were created in November 4th, an important milestone as the Bitcoin network growth has been one the best price predictors.

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